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Nov 4, 2012 2:00pm PST
. finding number ten. the lack of a functional reporting relationship between the city cio and the departmental cio's functional weakness for city wide problems and partially agree the city's inability to manage these projects in a centralized function could benefit from reporting relationship between the city, cio and department c cio's. number 11. allowing common ict xurchgzs addressed and performed by department by department basis has lead to duplication and unnecessary spending. for this i agree. addressing by individual departments is the reason for duplicative efforts and spending. finding 12. the plan does not include ongoing operational activities and prior funding. for this i agree. the five year plan is a strategic plan and focus on operational activities would be helpful. find be number 13. there are no consolidated budget and staffing plans. partially agree. while there are some efforts there is no accountability and it's not clear who is responsible if spending decisions are not met. now let's get to the first category of recommendations. moving to -
Nov 10, 2012 5:30am PST
relationships with the city cio, continued to excel bait the lack of. >> >> exacerbate the lack of coordination and ask them to further consider what is the best way for the departmental cio to interact with the city cio? for recommendation number eight the recommendation is that staff support be provided to the city cio and coit. my understanding is this is already being done so that is the answer for recommendation number nine. amend the administrative code to separate the position of the city cio from the department much technology. we are in the process of occupying up. >> >> mr. walton has been acting as the cio for one year now? two years now which has been a problem and i would have find if we made the acting cio, the cio and that's the mayor's opinion and i think the answer to this is requires further anal scpises require whether the two positions are needed after the new cio is hired and similarly for recommendation number ten which is to amend the administrative code to create separate position of the director of dt pointed to -- appointed by and to the city's cio and same analys
Nov 10, 2012 4:00am PST
't have to be that way. our past city cio has we have heard, the city budget analyst and another budget report, pafl civil grand jury and now this grand jury has each reached similar changes to how technology is organized and managed to remedy this situation so far to no avail. it came as quite a shock last week to receive the responses to our report from the office of the mayor signed by him and his top managers. their assertion that the structure employed by the -- by the city for technology quote insures coordination and efficiency while preserving department autonomy closed quote. that flys in the face of history and it flys in the face of reality. this coordination and efficiency the result of 15 year old justice project with its way over blown budget and continuously blown schedule and still not fully implemented, the coordination and efficiency snail pace to mix these email systems within a single government which shouldn't have proliferated in the first place. email consolidation began years ago and today many departments have joined in the consolidation but that is 4,000 of
Nov 10, 2012 5:00am PST
you. so item number seven, the current city wide organizational structure hinders the cio from using the established authority and responsibility from implementing policies and procedures and what i have said for this i partially agree. while the city cio has some powers decentralized organized structure makes it difficult to enforce standards across departments. >> okay. >> finding number eight. and this is going to go on for a while and i apologize to the public. number eight and the operational role of the department of technology are two furchdamentally different and equally full time jobs and i said have said i partially agree. while there are needs for these two positions the department of technology deputy could assist in these operations and this will relate to recommendations made later on. finding number nine, department cio's have no formal way to communicate with each other or technology issues and my reaction is partially agree. while there is no formal forum there are informal ones and meet in meetings and if there were more formal meetings and for these accountabil
Nov 12, 2012 7:30am PST
the city cio and budget leaders or a budget plan or urged reform to technology practices so they match the dynamic technology world, or any of the other recommendations in our report, but the way things are done around here is so embedded in san francisco government culture that the potential benefits to the san francisco community that have been raised, not just by us, are more than ignored. they are mocked by a city administration fearing change. we believe that only the mayor can make the changes that we and others have proposed. no one else has the direct authority over government operations than he has. he can do it if he is willing to put the passionate leadership he puts in attracting tech business to the city and improving the organization and technology within san francisco government. perhaps we have to wait for a different administration for there to be a fair hearing on ways to improve technology. perhaps you, the board of supervisors, can take up this challenge. we hope you will. there was a better ending to our title report, deja vu all over again. that is "where th
Nov 10, 2012 4:30am PST
plan. this year we will update that plan and working with coit, the cio, and the controller's office on that report and open to feedback on how we can make it more useful to the board, departments, and to the public. the city email conversion project. i know that the civil grand jury points that as a failure or a ongoing frustration. i think we see some of the recent success and progress we're optimistic. right now 3600 users, 27 departments and some of the largest departments are slated for conversion in the next months and library is slated for conversion and additional 1300 accounts and others in january. our largest department with another 7100 accounts. data center consolidation and virtualization has been so successful that the scope has been expanded. initially the project was to convert or relocate 900 servers and 750 have been virtualized and 400 identified as candidates and 300 additional for relocation and total of 1400 servers, much larger than the originally scope of the project. this is also a sign of collaboration among the departments and one of the data center
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)